MEETING 09/10/15


Hello, Here are the meeting minutes from January 29, 2015.  Thank you, to those who were able to attend!



  • Sun 9/27, 10:30 – 14:30: Hike to Harriman State Park
  • Tue 9/29, 17:30 – 20:00 in the Alumni Reading Room, Pratt Library: Film screening of the film, Watermark, with panel discussion to follow.
  • Fri 10/2, from 18:00-20:00 in Higgins Hall, Room 111: Lecture, “Underwater Photography: An Expedition Across Oceans” with award-winning underwater photographer and filmmaker, Keith Ellenbogen
  • Sat 10/3, beginning at 12:00 noon: Beach clean up in the Rockaways with Refreshments to follow.

CRASH COURSE/GREENWEEK DATES (any issues, please email ASAP)

  • Crash Course: April 2
  • GreenWeek: April 4 – April 8


  • 10.08.15 Thursday bet 12:30-14:00 location TBD


  • LEAP

9/28 Watermark Screening and Panelist Speaking

10/2 Underwater Photography

10/3 9:00am – 1:00pm Rockaway Beach Clean Up (Bayside) *Talk with SGA for bus/train funds

  • Envirolutions URL

Currently working on renting space for community gardening and raising awareness for human health campaign

Collaborate with Rapid Prototyping Lab and make demo posters

  • CSDS

Invite Carolyn to give lecture on Life Cycle Assessment at Biomimicry Class

  • TurnUp Art Supplies URL

New Office will be at ISC Building

Encourage recycling practice on campus

Contact Director of sustainability facility

  • Website

Will now be accessible through Pratt’s website

Will be able to feature individual groups and committees

New tabs will be added for: BlueWeek | Envirolution | LEAP | NYPIRG

Information can be emailed to Coalition Assistants to update on website: Tina Jin, Suching Chang


  • Carolyn will meet with the new provost to discuss the proposal to the president.
  • Each department should have a sustainability rep. to join GreenWeek.
  • Students should inform CSDS if they feel like sustainability topic isn’t addressed/emphasized in class
  • Invite people with Sustainability Minor to share in meetings (Bridget)
  • Solar Decathlon (possibility for the Institute to participate?)
    • To begin, we will need commitments from departments
    • Start from Deb Johnston
    • Diana will bring back results from California.
      • Video documentations
    • Propose during faculty meetings
    • Fundings from manufacturers (USD 300,000)
  • Contact / Mailing Information
    • List-serv is not available anymore. Google Group?
  • Monthly meeting on second Thursdays of each month (Dec not included)
  • Fundings for invited guest speakers

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