MEETING 11/17/15



GREENWEEK 04.04.16 – 04.08.16

NEXT MEETING 01.25.16 OR 01.29.16

(please reply to with your preference)

Re-purposing Art Supplies Proposal

  • Re-purposing Art Supplies proposal is under its way.  Please see the link for more information:
  • Admin coordination with Facilities (Tony Gelber) and Residential Life (Jason LeConey) for further art supplies waste management instruction.
  • Shipping containers a possibility?  Precedent ArtBuilt Mobile Studios
  • Composting for students needs to communicate with departments and facilities to schedule specific time and place for drop off and pick up. Locations TBD.
  • Precedent for recycling: ArtBuilt Mobile Studios with mobile spaces to bring in art and social services to the public.
  • “Branding” strategy for art supplies-disposal space. Possible competition by Comm Design students. Display and presentation during 2016 GreenWeek. Please see the link for proposal and contact Carolyn for any suggestions:
  • Establish database for supply inventory category. (barcode database?)
  • Tetsu Ohara showed interest in the faculty advisor position to CSDS
  • Anticipated Date: End of Spring Semester 2016.

Departmental Sustainability Coordinators Proposal

  • CSDS is possibly considering to cover the half of the faculty stipends for the first year.
  • Narrowing down the representatives from 31 (Department) to 5 (schools) for the 1st around.
  • The initial coordinators should be proportionately represented from each school.  Some departments have more faculty/students than the others.

Sustainable Courses available on campus

  • Course available for sustainability for the spring semester:
    • Sustainability and Fashion, under Social Science, Friday 2:00–5:00pm
      • 490 Undergraduate Class with Alena Wang
    • Interior Design Option Lab, Biomimicry, Thursday 2:00-5:00pm
  • Int 490 Undergrad/731 Grad with Tetsu Ohara
  • Undergraduate: Sustainability Minor
  • Graduate: Sustainable Environmental Systems

Sustainability Internship opportunity from NYPIRG

  • NYPIRG is seeking students to help promotion with design.
  • Hiring Undergrad COMD students for internship credit. Confirmation pending.
  • To contact Eli, send email at <>.

SOFA Exhibition

Congratulation to Pratt Inflatable and Parametric classes of Fall 2015 for winning SOFA Exhibition in Chicago and Carl Zimmering for winning BFDA Impact Award!

2016 GreenWeek Proposals

  • Envirolution: Planning an initiative to get more students to participate into rooftop gardens and community garden projects.
  • SGA: Planning on a program that recycles abandoned bicycles on campus. The bicycles will be repaired and sold back to students. Can use GreenWeek as an opportunity to teach people to repair bikes.
  • NYPIRG: E-Waste Drop off at NYPIRG’s office at the ISC Building.
    • Possibility of inviting Lower East Side College Center to show up to increase their visibility during GreenWeek
  • Performance Art for GreenWeek 2016 Opening. Music Performance by Batala (confirmation pending) During the Opening Reception (no Closing for 2016)
  • School of Architecture (Brent Porter, Jaime Stein, Meta Brunzema)
  • School of Design (Tetsu Ohara, Deborah Schneiderman, Ben Rosenbum, Wendy Cronk, Rachely Rotem, Sheryl Kasak, John Heida, Alex Schweder, Francine Monaco, etc)
  • Crash Course: email Carolyn if want to present at the Course. Members, students, and faculties are all welcome.
  • Library: 16mm screening and Book display
    • Can assist with copyright issues if anyone were to play any film during GreenWeek
  • Career Center: 04.05.16 Tuesday 6-8pm at the Pratt Manhattan campus there will be a round table event
  • BlueWeek: Features Faculty and Student Research on Water Management
    • Tour Green Infrastructure with NYC Soil and Water Conservation Center
    • Green Rooftop
    • Tour both on campus and off campus
  • Sustainability Minor Panel Discussion on 04.05.16 Tuesday 12:30-2pm




Science as Alibi: On the Technocratic Paradigm in Governing Bluefin Tuna

Inaugural Lecture

Date and Time: Monday, November 30, 5.30 to 7.30 pm

Location: Pratt Library, Alumni Reading Room, 3rd Floor



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