MEETING 01/29/16



Thank you all for coming!



02.26              Friday 12:30-2:00pm (Higgins Hall North Rm406)


2016 Greenweek Events (Matrix)

Each coordinator to please check info below and provide answers to XX & ??? to by 02.14.16.


All Week Event:

03.31 – 04.06 School of Architecture                                                                                                         (Meta, Jaime, Brent: in the Higgins Hall Lobby & Pit)

04.02 – 04.08 School of Design (Interior, Industrial, CSDS in the Terian Gallery &                                   PS lobbies)


All Day Event:

03.29               Library Sustainability Book Sale (Johanna: in the Main Library)

04.02               Crash Course (CSDS Carolyn: in the Engineering Building)


One Day Event:

03.23               Christina Porter Poetry Lecture (Brent: in the Higgins Hall 12:30-1:30pm)

04.04              Sustainability Minor Panel Discussion (Carl: in the Higgins Hall 12:30-                              2pm)

04.05               Opening Reception (Tetsu: in the Terian Gallery 12:30-2pm)

04.05               Film Screening (Johanna: in the Library Lower Level ???)

04.07               Interactive Event Texting (Cathey: on the Lawn 4hrs ???)

04.07               Vegan Cooking Demo (Linnea: ???    ???)

04.07               Slide Sculpture (Johanna: in the Library Lower Level 5-7pm)

04.xx               Tour on Urban Rooftop Farming (LEAP & Environlutions Katie: ???)

04.xx               E-Recycling / Compost Bins (NYPG Eli: ???)

04.xx               Yoga Session (Rosie: ???)

04.xx               ??? (SGA Lucy: ???)



  • Pratt Up-Cycling Initiative Proposal is now running a pilot program in the Pratt Studio!
  • 6 Departmental Sustainability Coordinators (DSCs) will be announced at the Opening Reception! (supported by Dean of School of Design, Anita Cooney & Director of CSDS, Carolyn Schafer)
  • Biomimicry for Interior Design: Int731 Option Lab Studio student display in the PS 2nd Lobby until 02.05!
  • Congratulations to Deborah for publishing her third book!

            Textile Technology and Design: From Interior Space to Outer Space

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