Greenweek 2016 Calendar of Events

2016 GREENWEEK 04.01.16 – 04.08.16


1.Title:  6th Annual Sustainability Crash Course
2.Date: 04.02.16 (Sat.)
3.Time: 09:00 – 17:00
4.Brooklyn Campus, Engineering Building
5.Coordinator: Carolyn Shafer (
6.Description: Imagine being able to spend one amazing day immersed in learning about sustainable design—and meeting the people who have pioneered new thinking and practices. On Saturday, April 2, 2016, Pratt’s CSDS will present the sixth annual Sustainability Crash Course, a day-long series of workshops with a host of experts from Pratt’s sustainable design faculty and elsewhere. With over 20 speakers, it is sure to be a fantastic day of exploration and inspiration! Registration required.



1.Title: Graduate + Undergraduate Architecture Exhibit
2.Date: 04.01.16 (Fri.) – 04.06.16 (Weds.)
3.Time: 24 hours
4.Brooklyn Campus, Higgins Hall Lobby Gallery and Pit
5.Coordinator: Meta Brunzema (, Brent Porter (
6.Description: Third year graduate architecture design work and third year undergraduate architecture work; Third Year Design students’ design studio Fall 2015 projects with drawings, energy details and scale models for “Sustainable Dorms – or Better!”

1.Title: Interior Design Students Work Display
2.Date: 04.04.16 (Mon.) – 04.08.16 (Fri.)
3.Time: 24 hours
4.Brooklyn Campus, Pratt Studio 2nd flr & Terrian Design Gallery
5.Coordinator: Tetsu Ohara (
6.Description: 12th Annual GreenWeek will host lectures/events/workshops/entertainment. In the Pratt Studio 2nd floor Lobby & Terrian Design Gallery, we will host students works from both undergraduate & graduate level of the Interior/Industrial Department. Participating faculty from this year are Wendy Cronk, Darius Somers, Gregory Bugel, Deborah Schneiderman, Tetsu Ohara, Julie Moskovitz, Michael Zuckerman, Ben Rosenblum, Sheryl Kasak, John Heida, Tania Branquinho, Claudia Hernandez, Maggie Kirk,

1.Title:  Sustainability+Technology Book Fair
2.Date: 04.04.16 (Mon.) , 04.06.16 (Wed) and 04.07.16 (Thrs.)
3.Time: 5pm – 6pm
4.Location: CSDS ENG room 001
5.Coordinator: Deb Johnson (
6.Description: Meet the social and environmental literati of Pratt’s faculty and join us for tea at the CSDS. Monday – Thursday from 5pm to 6pm for in depth discussions and book signing. Books on display and for sale throughout the week. Check for details. Hosted by Deb Johnson.  MEET THEM ALL at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator on Sunday, April 10th at 3pm – 6pm
Check for details. Pratt/BF+DA is located at 630 Flushing Avenue 7th floor.

  • Monday April 4: Deborah Schneiderman, Carl Zimring and Luba Lukova
  • Wed April 6: Jean Brennan, John Lobell and Ira Livingston
  • Thurs April 7: Alexa Griffith and Meta Brunzema


1.Title: Green Week Book & Video Displays
2.Date: 04.04.16 (Mon.) – 04.08.16 (Fri.)
3.Time: Library Hours
4.Location: In the Library – 1st Floor and Lower Level
5.Coordinator: Maggie Portis (
6.Description: All week the libraries will be highlighting titles related to the environment and sustainability from the print and video collections. Come see what’s new!



1.Title:  Sustainability Minor Information Session
2.Date: 04.04.16 (Mon.)
3.Time: 12:30 – 14:00
4.Location: Higgins Hall Auditorium
5.Coordinator: Carl Zimring (
6.Description: Faculty and staff from Pratt’s Sustainability minor will present an overview of the program and be available to answer questions about the program and individual courses. If you are thinking about declaring the minor but have questions, join us for discussion and

1.Title: Greenweek Opening Reception
2.Date: 04.05.16 (Tues.)
3.Time: 12:30 – 14:00
4.Location: Pratt Studio/Terrian Design Gallery
5.Coordinator: Tetsu Ohara (
6.Description: Open to all! Come and celebrate the opening! Lunch served with entertainment from Batala (an international music group) with Dr. Schutte’s remarks, Greenweek Award Winner Announcement, Departmental Sustainability Coordinator Announcement & Students work display

1.Title: Change Makers
2.Date: 04.05.16 (Tues.)
3.Time: 18:30 – 20:00
4.Location: PMC 213 (Pratt Manhattan Campus)
5.Coordinator:  Brynna Tucker (
6.Description: Change Makers come in many varieties. At this event, guests will hail from varied disciplines, and fulfill many different roles and responsibilities. But they all share a common quality: they use their talents and skills to shape civic life. At Pratt you’ll gain many types of skills. Hear from innovators, makers, planners, and leaders leveraging their skills to create change to learn how your own unique talents can be applied in similar careers.

1.Title: Green Infrastructure Tour: Parking Lot to Rooftops
2. Date: 04.06.16 (Weds.)
3. Time: Part 1 at 12:30 & Part 2 at 13:45
4. Location: Meet at the Red Clock, Main Lawn
5. Coordinator: Jamie Stein ( and Megan Lighty (
6. Description: A collaboration of Envirolutions and LEAP. Part 1 includes a tour of the Cannoneer Court Parking Lot Green Infrastructure and North Hall Rooftop Garden, lead by Jamie Stein, Head of MS Sustainable Environmental Systems. Part 2 is a (limited to 25) tour of the Brooklyn Grange. Each part will leave from the Red Clock. Please RSVP via Eventbrite:

1.Title: This Was Brooklyn! Brooklyn Promotional Films of the 1970s
2.Date: 04.06, 2016 (Weds.)
3.Time: 14:00-15:30
4.Location: Alumni Reading Room, Pratt Library, Third Floor
5.Coordinator: Johanna Bauman (
6.Description: Join Ron Shiffman (Professor, Graduate Center for Planning) and Caitlin Cahill (Assistant Professor, Urban Geography) to screen and discuss a selection of 16mm films from the collection of the Pratt Institute Libraries promoting Brownstone Brooklyn and the “Back to City” movement of the late sixties and early seventies, following white flight. Together we will engage critical questions of displacement of working class and communities of color both in times of disinvestment and abandonment, and in times of reinvestment and gentrification, that continue to the present day.

1.Title:  Slide Sculpture Unveiling
2.Date: 04.07.16
3.Time: 17:00-18:30
4.Location: Visual and Multimedia Resources Department, Library Lower Level
5.Coordinator: Johanna Bauman (
6.Description: Reception to celebrate the installation of a sculpture made of slides deaccessioned from the Library’s collection originally created by students from Interior and Industrial Design for Green Week 2015 and displayed on the lawn in front of the Engineering Building.

1. Title: TEXTING; an installation event
2. Date: 04.07.16 (Thrs.)
3. Time: 11:30-15:30
4. Location: TBA
5. Coordinator: Cathey Billian (
6. Description: Interactive Installation Event Celebrating Greenweek

1.Title:  Compassionate Pratt Vegan Cooking Class
2.Date: 04.07.16 (Thrs.)
3.Time: 20:00 – 22:00
4.Location: No Name Café, Willoughby Residence Hall
5.Coordinator: Sydney Barton (
6.Description: Join the Compassionate Pratt club for a fun night of
learning how to cook easy, healthy, and delicious recipes, such as
burgers and chocolate mousse, on a college student’s budget! Vegan meals
are nutritious, cruelty-free, and a step toward a more
environmentally-friendly world. Email to reserve your

1. Title: Meditation for the Planet Event
2. Date: 04.08.16 (Fri.)
3. Time:  13:00-13:30
4. Location:  East Hall 301/303
5. Coordinator: Joelle Danant (
6. Description: The Integrative Mind & Body Program at Pratt’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies’ is pleased to be part of Green Week. Wellness and compassion play an important role in sustainability.  Please join our meditation session to benefit self and the planet. This event is open to students and the Pratt community on any level of meditation practice. Please remove your shoes upon entering the yoga studio. Some cushions and floor seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.

1.Title: Jam for the Planet Event
2.Date: 04.08.16 (Fri.)
3.Time: 13:30-14:00
4.Location:  (TBC)
5.Coordinator: Koren Harpaz  (
6.Description: Creative play in the moment plays an important role in sustainability. Including ecologically made instruments for creative expression can further contribute to sustainability.  Come listen to, and/or join this creative, playful, and supportive experimental jam session, where Pratt students explore spontaneous, creative expression through sound, mostly with their own made, or found, ecological instruments.


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