Meeting Minutes 11/11/16

Hello, here are the meeting minutes from 11.11.2016. Thank you all for making time to attend!

Pratt Sustainability Coalition Website



GREENWEEK 03.27.17 – 03.31.17



+ Recent update on DSC (Departmental Sustainability Coordinator):

    • Currently have 10 Coordinators who are faculty members from various departments at Pratt;
    • Will have further meetings with different academic departments on establishing more Coordinators;
    • DSC Initial Deliverables:
    1. Coordinators are established and approved by the departmental chair based on feedbacks from faculty members
    2. Coordinators need to come up with an initial statement on how to work with his/her department and the departmental chair
    3. Coordinators need to discuss with the department on how to incorporate sustainability into different courses in the field of study
    4. Coordinators need to collaborate with other DSCs to bring interaction among departments
    • In the future, CSDS will also aim to establish DSCs in non-academic departments


    • 5,500 pounds of recycled items have been given back to students
    • Will reach out to each department in search for more volunteers
    • Will be open during the summer for any students with a valid student ID


  • Jaime Stein, admin coordination with Facilities (Tony Gelber), and students requested a grant from New York City Department to build two sustainable projects on campus;
  • Details on North Hall Green Roof is currently under negotiation, contract aim to be made by spring 2017.


  • Aim to donate and recycle display frames from the exhibition to GIVE/TAKE or other interested parties, contact Tetsu at if interested.


+ Dates: 03.27.17-03.31.17

+ Crash course: 03.25.17

+ If Student Union Building renovation completes in time, space can be ideal for Greenweek opening reception and students’ work display

+ DSCs should coordinate exhibitions showcasing students’ work at their own departments or other designated spaces

+ Images of previous exhibition locations can be found at CSDS website at

+ Communication Design: David Frisco, looking to showcase COMD students’ work at both Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses, can email Carolyn at for details on display location and exhibition funding

+ Develop a Sustainability Wayforming Map: learn from Tishman Environment and Design Center at Parsons School of Design (See poster below)

+ Greenweek Event Ideas:

    • Recreate AIA debate on “Teaching Sustainability in Interior Design”
    • Present the debate during Crash Course or at Greenweek evening hours to accommodate external participants
    • Film Screening:
    1. Envirolutions and SGA can organize documentary screening of How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change by Josh Fox
    2. Director Josh Fox, currently working on a film on gentrification in Brooklyn, could be featured in Greenweek if possible
    3. Pay attention to film’s screening rights, contact Pratt Library for details on screening rights
    • Include environmental racism, invite leaders of color, collaborate with “Black Lives Matter” group, contact Mahogany Brown at
    • Feature Carl Zimring’s new book, coming soon on 03.27.17
    • Joelle Danant: will reach out to SCPS’s head of the Integrative Mind and Body Program to propose and offer yoga, Chi Gong, and meditation sessions for sustainability through wellness and inner peace
    • Coordinate with other departments to invite guest speakers/lecturers to give talks
    • Student Union: reserve display spaces for Greenweek

+ Crash Course:

  • Jaime Stein: bring in sustainability practitioners to give talks, email Jaime for contacts at
  • Contact Carolyn at for details on inviting guest speakers
  • Need guest speaker names by January 2017

Email Tetsu Ohara at for ideas, suggestions, and questions on Greenweek!



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