Meeting Minutes 11/17/17

Hello, here are the meeting minutes from 11.17.2017. Thank you all for making time to attend!


  • Dates: 03.26.18 – 03.30.18

  • Crash course: 03.24.18

  • Opening Reception: Tuesday, 03.27.18 Lunchtime.

    • Location TBD: Student Union Building would be ideal for Greenweek opening reception and for displaying students’ work. Other possible spaces include Higgins Hall Lobby, 4th floor Theater in Pratt Studios, Student Gallery in Steuben, or Dekalb Gallery.
      • Venue should have capacity around 50-70 people, ability to have catered food, and ideally the ability to display student work for 1 week.
    • Suggestion for a guest speaker for a short talk (~30 min) during the reception

Green Week Event Ideas

  • Film Screening: Archipelago
  • One World Suite: jazz band with musical message for combating climate change
  • Alumni involvement: Is there a way to connect current students to alumni who work in fields with sustainable practices? Perhaps we can collaborate w/ CCPD. There may be already events that we can leverage and involve in greenweek.
  • Educating students/faculty about NYC tap water system.
    • Campaign includes educating people on the costs and effects of buying water in plastic bottles.
      • All departments have a “facilities” budget to purchase their own supplies. It would be great to have a procurement policy about what products can be purchased.
      • Reach out to facilities (Tony Gelber) to do a water quality analysis to test for lead.
  • We should extend an invitation to Green Week Opening Reception to the new Pratt President, Frances Bronet
  • Interior Design Department: Display of Students Work in the Pratt Studio 2nd floor lobby and Terrian Gallery. (Terrain gallery open to share with other departments! Please contact
  • Main Building Basement Showcases for Advertising Green Week Events
    • We can hang Green Week promotional and informational displays in the hallway outside the Pie Shop in Main Building. Posters or shallow 3D work are perfect.  
    • The glass frames of each display case are 40″ tall x 33.5″ wide.  The interior of the cases are slightly larger: 42″ tall x 35.5″ wide x about 2″ deep.  Our large Green Week poster is just a bit smaller than one case.  
    • Alice will hang our show on March 22, and uninstall it on April 6.  Work can be dropped off at the CSDS office any time before 11:30am on March 22, or brought to the display cases during installation.
    • Please email Alice Zinnes ( if you’d like to reserve one or two cases, or if you have any questions. You can reserve cases until there are none left, which probably won’t happen until sometime in the spring semester.

Email Tetsu Ohara at for ideas, suggestions, and questions on Greenweek!


  • Five Star visit: waste management facility where all Pratt trash ends up
    • Single stream process where paper is pulled out and graded, plastics are down cycled, cardboard recycled, metal (aluminum) recycled. Most recycled into low-grade products. Glass is not recycled. Only ~10% of all of the trash ends up in the incinerator to be burned.
  • Working with SGA to get cafeteria waste to be composted.
  • Campaign for Banning the Bottle: an effort to ban sale of drinks in plastic bottles on campus. Packaging waste is the majority of waste.
      • Getting rid of plastic water bottles from any pratt events as a start.
      • Replace with more water fountains on campus
      • Ban the Bottle Map showing all campuses that have already banned plastic water bottles
  • SGA Meeting with Frances Bonet
    • Topics of discussion: Carolyn will send letter written to search committee about green initiatives
    • How can we involve graduate students in efforts?
      • Meetings every Tuesday 12pm @ CSDS


  • Printing Lab Initiatives (4th floor): working on opportunities to recycle
  • Laser Cutting — filtration systems disposal
    • Speak to Richard Rode as a contact to speak about laser fumes.
  • Would like to connect about sustainable practices/strategies with other departments



  • Carolyn has been meeting with facilities at Pratt to talk about how facilities can better collaborate with the rest of campus.
    • Please send any information on composting methods or any metrics/data on benefits of composting to Carolyn (
  • Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS): on-campus sustainability self assessment
    • Requires a committee of people to coordinate and execute the assessment. This will likely take several semesters to implement.
    • Will give us a benchmark rating and we can reassess/resubmit every ~3 years to assess progress.
    • Part of the assessment requires compiling a comprehensive list of sustainability-related courses.
      • We currently only have a list of undergraduate courses for obtaining a sustainability minor but none for graduate courses.
      • We will need to work with department chairs to obtain course syllabi.
      • Should include non-credit, continuing education courses too.
      • Once compiled, we should make it accessible to all students in a central location and share it with all chairs of departments to use during advising.
        • Can we have a permanent sustainability announcements bulletin board somewhere in pratt studios?


  • Will be open to undergraduate and graduate students
  • Submission deadline TBD (before spring break 2018)
  • Wesam Haddad ( will help write a competition brief
    • Simple, identifiable, logo with name association



  • “Implementation of the Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals” Lecture which took place 09.21.2017 as part of Climate Week NYC 2017. Can be viewed at:
  • Sustainable Design Certificate Program: suggestions for reaching out to adults/professionals who may benefit from taking this program?
    • Contact professional organizations such as IIDA/AIA etc.
    • Make announcements during the crash course/ have a table set up for green week
  • Please keep us informed about any sustainability related events (Pratt and non-Pratt) for distribution! You may email Tetsu (


Wishing you all safe and sound Thanksgiving Weekend!


sustainability meeting 11.17


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