Meeting Minutes 2/2/18

Sustainability Coalition Meeting Minutes 2/2/18

Thank you for attending the meeting. Please see the following information shared during it.


+ GREEENWEEK 03.24-31: Opening Reception 03.27 lunch in Student Union (Higgins as alternative option)


+ NEXT MEETING: 03.01 Thrs. Bet 12:30-2pm at CSDS

+ PLEASE vote on the POSTER BACKGROUND IMAGE to by 02.14.18

(three background options included at the end of these minutes)

+ DEADLINE: Send Events information request with dates/location/time/event name requests to by 02.23.18



Glass Case Display – Alice Zinnes- Foundation– (

+ Contact Alice if interested to submit materials/posters/announcements in the glasscase.

+ SGA/Envirolution to help set up the glasscase content on 03.22 Thrs. & 03.23 Fri.

+ Items to be put up can be dropped off at CSDS before lunch on Thursday March 22


Installation in Student Union – Jin and Tina ( SES grad students

+ In data collection phases of determining waste management and composting feasibility on campus

+ Interested in a collaborative installation to be up during Greenweek to bring awareness of single use waste in the Student Union


Tetsu Ohara (

+ Student Union should be ready for use throughout Greenweek

+ A live music component is being planned and will be voted on

  • One World Suite – under coordination with Mary

Pratt Envirolutions (

+ Working toward the ban of plastic water bottles on campus- no sale, not purchased to be given out at events or meetings

+ Currently surveying places on campus that need water fountains and which ones are not working properly

+ Composting initiative with SGA

+ Submit petition template for distribution by the next meeting in order to present the petition results to President at the opening.


Student Government Association (

+ Meetings with president and VP of Finance coming up


NYPIRG –  Project Coordinator- Kayla Fennelly (

+ Helping with water bottle ban and petitions

+ Taking on public education component- tabling next to vending machines, public health position about micro-plastics

+ Mapping of locations where students currently have access to fresh water for refilling water bottles

+ Interested in hosting their Pre-designed workshop during Greenweek


Carl Zimring– (

+ 03.30 & 03.31 Aquapelagos & Archipelagos Conference 11am-5pm


Carolyn- CSDS (

+ Crash Course 03.24. Sat 9am-5pm

+ Looking for people to present. Can be panel discussion, presentation, workshops, and screenings. Submit request to CSDS by end of Feb.

+ Need volunteers to help run the event

+ Give/Take donation events in CSDS room, first 10 attendees get a mug, first 25 get VIP access to the beginning of the next semester


Architecture – Brent Porter (

+ 5th annual 3rd year dorms solar presentation will be up for 10 days (March 23rd)

+ 03.29 lunchtime Christina Porter event at Higgins- Lena Dunham may be in attendance


Facilities- Tony Gelber (

+ Pratt undergoing Princeton Review Green Assessment process. Application is due on 03.02


Comm. Design – Ya An (

+ Ya An will be assisting with Greenweek Poster design and CSDS Website improvements


Option A

Option B

Option C




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