Sustainability Coalition Meeting Minutes 09/04/2018

Date: September 4, 2018
Attendance: 19 people
Catering: Monk’s Meats (vegan)
Next Meeting: Friday, October 26th 2018
Location: Student Union 12:30pm-2pm

1. Welcome: Tetsu O’Hara

2. Blue Week 2018 (30 September – 7 October): Ira Stern with LEAP (Leaders in Environmental Advocacy) and Envirolutions

a. Discussion of planning process
A lot of planning has to take place during the summer to make such an event series possible during the Fall semester of the academic year.
Need to create a framework to support the Blue Week planning workload and settle on an effective planning schedule.

b. Update on confirmed weeklong series of events, including collaborations
Team Blue members each presented the event they were responsible for and reported solid commitments and logistical progress.
Carolyn suggested, and all heartily agreed, that we could create an exhibit of water related projects done by students in all Pratt programs. She will put out a call for the exhibit through department liaisons.

c. Poster discussion, including selection, suggestions for revision and distribution

d. Participation and curriculum – Ira asked that we all focus on increasing participation and trying to have professors incorporate water into their class work that week, give extra credit for participation, and/or bring classes to events.

3. Revisit Group Name (Pratt Sustainability Coalition): Tetsu O’Hara
A new name? Bring ideas for next meeting

4. Announcements: Open
Sustainable Design certificate program for working professionals (Tetsu is the academic advisor)
Artificial Intelligence event lecture series

Some Suggestions:

Water Expo
-Art sculpture: get quantifiable statistics for the trash and plastics waste at Pratt (and the world?)
-Pratt music resource (Tori getting information about student advisors)
-Joelle has wave sounds CD to play if we want
-Water games? Isil knows of a climate change board game.

Student Union
-Get student submissions for creative water solution posters/work to display in the Student Union
-Carolynn will get in touch with people to see if she can reserve wall space to display student’s work from last year.

Event Advertising
-Market events on the screens (e-mail SGA and they will put it on the screen)
-Need to unify all advertising materials, so people can tell it is a collaborative week long series of events
-Choose the tone for the Blue Week poster
-Put Blue Week on the Pratt Calendar on homepage
-Confirm content TODAY, to print by Sept. 10th
-Separate poster for the 2 meditations and yoga (Summer to make 2 Eventbrites)
-Social Media: Reach out to Communications Board, Program Board, SGA to advertise online

Poster Feedback
-Emphasize the date and times of the events; make them stand out more; make each day into their own column
-Contrasting colors of the abstract design may catch people’s eye more. The abstract design relates more to Pratt being a design school.
-People really like the image of the Blue Week design with all the animals, plants, and biodiversity because it is the most direct.
-May need a Blue Week “identifier” either a slogan or logo
-”Water Connects Us All”
-Need to include all the logos (Center for Sustainable Design Strategies (CSDS), Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies (SSCS), Envirolutions, Global South Center, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment (GCPE), LEAP (Leaders in Environmental Advocacy
at Pratt), Reef Club, School of Liberal Arts and Science (SLAS) and Sustainability
Coalition.) and Pratt SWAG(?)

Blue Week Follow Up
-SAVI could partner to do beach clean up results in visual communication


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