Sustainability Coalition Meeting Minutes 10/26/2018

Sustainability Coalition Meeting Minutes 10/26/2018

This meeting:

Time: Fri, 10/26/18 12:30-2p
Attendance: 19 people (see attachment)
Catering: Wasan Sushi

Next Meeting:

Time: Tue, 11/27/18, 12:30-2p
Location: CSDS

2019 Greenweek: 03/23/19-03/29/19:

Crash Course 03/23, Reception in Student Union

 Talking points:

  1. Alice Zinnes, Foundation Dept.
    • Green Week the basement glass case display
      • Location: just outside the Pi Shop in the Main Building
      • Use for: exhibit flat and low-relief student work, as well as posters promoting Green Week events.
      • Contact ASAP: Via Email:  Sign-up sheet (in today’s meeting)
      • who would like to use the cases
      • how many cases you’d like
  • The glass frames dimension: 40″ tall x 33.5″ wide.
  • The interior of the cases: 42″ tall x 35.5″ wide x about 2″ deep.
  • Number: 10 cases in the main wall has, 4 cases across the hallway.
  1. Blue-week Recap by LEAP
    • Sildeshow recap (see attached)
    • Successful Panel discussion (good quest combination)
    • Big benefit of joined by The Reef Club (such as: helped to rise the attendance, better organizing, etc.) Looking for collaborating more next time.
    • Suggestion of future improvement:

Beach clean-up day (future adjustment): Kayak next time less time more clean up


  • Upload this slide show to website (Pratt talks)
  • Make a Pratt calendar event
  • Possibility of campus to off campus publication

Planning :

  • Necessity of far head reminder for next blue week event, (when, where, gallery space reserve, etc.)
  • Smoother Leadership transition:

Creating little summery, policy, contacts for transition (will benefit for both blue and green week)

Plastic Wave installation issue:

  • Struggle of location to restore / need more support
  • After event catch up:

– Continue work on this installation

– Looking for installation committee and temporary exhibition(Art department Suggestion):

– Reshowing on campus

– Set Timeline set to publish for future sculpture event

– Hot glue gun on plastic recycle issue (need to remove glue before recycling)

  1. Jennifer Telesca:
    • Journey of participation International Conference on Sustainable Development of United Nations
    • The budget challenge of UN on Sustainable Development and issues surrounding them.
    • Research sharing on conference at UN
      • Topics for control fishing
      • UN High seas topic
      • Issues of down scaled blue fin tuna
  1. Emily Yacina: NYPIRG
    • Organization introduction: NYPIRG (New York Public Interest Research Group)
    • Exhibition announcement / time:

– 11/13/18 at 12:30 showcasing work by students that uses plastic as a medium    and also a concept.

  • Submission / due time: 11/6/18, via email:
  • Show sculptures, video material, and a keynote speaker.
  • Location: Plastic Gallery (Alumni Reading Room)
  • Goal: opportunity for students to showcase their work as well as contextualize it into a larger conversation about environmental awareness
  1. Frank Millero on Materials Lab
    • Introduction of Pratt Materials Lab
      • Introduction of Green materials and sustainable materials guidelines on the wall.
      • Industrial Design team is developing/designing a display
  1. Carolyn Shafer on Princeton review (The Green College Survey)

Blue Week 2018 Slideshow



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