Sustainability Coalition Meeting Minutes 11/27/2018

TG Pratt Pic 1 Colgate.jpeg

This meeting: 

Time: Fri, 11/27/18 12:30-2p

Attendance: 15 people

Catering: Speedy Romeo

Next Meeting: 

Time: Fri, 2/1/19, 12:30-2p

Location: TBD

+ Gust Speak: Jamie Stein (director of environmental studies, Pratt Alumni)

  • Showing Spring 2008 Pratt portfolio
  • Introduce original group of Pratt sustainability coalition
  • Brief browser of Prof. Jamie Stein’s career at Pratt
    1. Project manager duty
      • Help to Coming out a strategy to intergrade sustainability into the curriculum
    2. Teach Design future class
  • Accomplishments of CSDS and others during the time period
    1. Early Development Pratt preservation program (story of Eva Hanhardt)
    2. Create a certificate program for professionals (with Joell Danant)
    3. Built a project on Pratt campus (with Tony Gelber)
    4. Other examples of carbon reduction project mentioned
      • Ed Maria: Architecture 2030’s / Myrtle Hall / Green roof
    5. Collobrating Pratt faculty (Mary McBride, Cathey Billian, Meta Brunzema, Carol Crawford, Deb Johnson, Wendy Fleisher, Jenny Lee), alumni who involved in the ecological issue or related
    6. Overall comment on Pratt sustainability education and organization
      • 50 year real social justice, real sustainability
      • Good quality and potential of CSDS’ interdisciplinary
    7. Transition of the Jamie’s position (new director) to Leonel Ponce (starting Jan. 19)
    8. 2008 portfolio:

+ Sustainability Committee / DSC update

  • Tony Gelber
    1. Recycling Signage design lead by Eric O’toole
    2. Challenge of shifting recycling strategy on campus
      • From high solid recycle to Single straight recycling (city requirement)
      • Change trash cans of Pratt (total institution)
      • Challenge of student implement
        • Communication
        • Educating
      • Opportunity to work with DSC
      • trash bin design competition in green week?

+ SCPS Certificate Program update

  • Sustainability certificate program introduced new faculty (Kat Choate, Daniel Penge)

+ Pratt Greenbuild participation

  • 5 people Represent Pratt and GCPE to attend conference at Greenbuild in Chicago
    1. Go to session and learn Greenbuild industry
    2. met attendants who are Pratt alumni
    3. interviewed with panel discusser
  • See pictures depiction at bottom
  • Need budget to annually send student to Greenbuild

+ Control heating and cooling system in Pratt studio

  • budget for summer improve . Identifying areas that need AC during summer.

+ 2019 Green weekupdate

  • dates/location
    1. Finalize opening reception date Monday lunch(3/25/19)
    2. student union 3/25-3/29
      • Walls fill with announcement and students works
  • Pecha Kucha (Friday 3/29 12:30)
    1. Nominating new faculty for each presentation by DSC Faculty
    2. Invited President Frances
  • Material lab for green week
    1. Open house (invite people)
    2. Establish program connection
    3. Education students with experts from other scientific based department
      • Draw the student see the real things and talk to expert
      • Keep Balance between the material from the water and from the land
  • Events of Architecture department
    1. Same activity as last year
      • Exhibitions with good visual representation
  • Other on campus events
    1. Crush course (Saturday 3/24)
      • Rethink the model of the climate change (It is more about creating a strong social network of how to survive)
    2. Current idea pool
      • Work with redslife: Sustainability kid, whole console event (environmental awareness)
      • Environmental awareness with animal agriculture (event for eating insects)
      • Environment impact (title these excise properly) for environmental impact (not sure about this)
    3. Digitally or analog show student works of Continuing Education program (Digital interaction communication)
    4. Pledge on plastic awareness (institution wide)
      • Use Good Visual display (new software) to measure how much trash come out from Pratt in 24h
    5. Climate change work shop for crush courses ?

+ Blue week Sculpture

  • Preservation (Find a place to put) and maintain
  • Trying to reach the Pratt Installation committee (show in green week)
  • Intensify publication of the sculpture
  • Plan B
    1. Chance of show it in DEP
    2. Display off campus and show on Pratt social media
  • Need to create another event to finish this sculpture
  • Simple improvement of the surface design of the sculpture
    1. wrapping it

Greenbuild conference:

GB 18 DescriptionGreenbuild table - 0Greenbuild table - 9Greenbuild table - 1Greenbuild table - 30


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