Sustainability Coalition Meeting Minutes 2/1/2019


This meeting: 

Time: Fri, 2/1/19 12:30-2p

Attendance: 15 people

Catering: Wasan Sushi

Next Meeting: 

Time: Tue, 3/5/19, 12:30-2p

Location: Student Union

+ New Member introduction

  • Mattew Hoey
    • Degrees in architecture and industry design
    • Teach the graduate program at Pratt
      • Industry design technology and master OMD
  • Eric O’Toole
    • Teach communication design
    • Program of packaging coordinator
    • communication design and sustainability coordinator
  • Missy Brown
    • Cataloging and Metadata Librarian
    • Assistant Professor at Pratt
  • Hanna Berkin Harper
    • Industrial Design Professor


+ Announcements of Alice Zinnes

  • “Billion Dollar Green Challenge”


+ Green week poster design

  • Voting
    • Left was chose
  • General content update due on 2/14/19
  • Social media Campion
    • daily push on each department social channel
    • showing on campus screens
  • Post design suggestion
    • Full membership/sponsor logos display at the bottom, all color in black
    • Expand the margin
    • The calendar can be more legible / Fonts bigger /Title pouch
    • Yellow circle need further modify


+  2019 Green week event (Attachment 4)

  • Crush Course Sat 3/23/19
    • 9:00 am -5:00 pm —- 18 Course total / 3 courses play simultaneously / 9 of 18 slots were filled / update Specific time later
    • Forms of Lectures / Films / Workshops
    • Content involved with Sustainability in business, Politics, community, etc.
    • Contact Carlo for filling slots
      • Need commitment
    • Good chance to do publicity for the community outside campus
    • Past crush course reference:
    • The event of Plastic Pledge
      • online campaign / sign-up to live plastic-free for the duration of Green Week.
      • May use color ribbon
      • May tabling during the reception at Student Union
  • Pecha Kucha on Fri 3/29/19
    • At Student union / Sponsor by the school of design / Organize by Pratt sustainable coalition
    • 8 speaker from the school of design + Fine art
      • Showing different approach and energy of the deferent department
      • Is Informational and Informative
      • May Invite speaker from other schools
  • Library event on Wednesday 3/27/19
    • 16mm film screen
      • The theme of food / nuclear energy
      • Films from the 60s, 70s, 80s
      • Play at alumni reading room (ARR) or basement display area (MMB)
    • HBO film ‘Sea rise’ play during the green week
  • Display at Student Union and Terrian Gallery)
    • Coordinated on Display need
    • Make the decision before 2/14/19
      • Content detail update can be later
      • Student union wall reference (Attachment 5)
  • Come out Small event of interior design dept.
    • As participating in a way to make voice to be heard
  • Publicity of Yutaka’s course at Pratt Manhattan campus during the green week
  • NYPIRG (Emily Yachina) — Sustainable living in the city
    • Care environment from a personal level
    • At Green week opening reception
  • Plastic Sculpture display
    • Actual sculpture display or 2D storytelling (24h plastic collection to up to sculpture scale)
    • Looking for more visible display location (maybe student union)
    • 24 plastic collection to up to this scale


+ Green week Finance support

  • CSDS offer a budget for bringing people outside for Green week event at Pratt
    • Guest Lecturers /  Entertainment / Supply / Transportation
  • Each event’s coordinate will get financial support
  • Contact Tetsu for details


+ Redesign Logo of Pratt Sustainability logo (Communication design)

+ Campus recycle rule


+ Free Yoga class in ARC:


+ Biomimicry competition

attachment 1attachment 2Attachment 4 2019 Greenweek Event Listattachment 5



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