Sustainability Coalition Meeting Minutes 3/5/2019

  • Jeffry Chen’s announcement (SUN Partners Overview)
    • Sustainable United Neighborhoods (SUN) (Attach 1)
    • Sustainable Saturday’s events (3/23/19 – 4/22/19) will be hosting at Moore Street Market(Attach 2)
    • The organization is looking for participants to either exhibit or take part in panel discussions.
    • Contact info: Ricardo Lopez,
  • The new version of CSDS Logo
  • The new version green week poster will distribute through email
  • Introduced the space coordinator
  • Set up the wireless transmitter for the projector in the Student union
    • All presentation slides might combine into one pdf and present on one laptop
    • Options for automatic slides or manually click
  • Order extra tables and chairs for Student union please
  • Think about the format of food, table, and chair during the event. (formal arrangement or casual )
  • Student union wall display (Site reference see Attach 3/ Attach 4)
    • Tony’s – second panel from the left of the West Wall
    • Meta’s – 3rd-7th panels on the West Wall
    • Jeffrey’s- the last 2 1/2 homisote panels on the right corner facing the screen.
    • Julie’s – the two homisote panels from the North/West corner.
    • Leonel’s – two homisote 3rd/4th panels from the North/West corner.
      • Facing Projection Screen is due WEST
      • Each board is 7’H x 4’W from the top of the black baseboard.
      • Fill the space in its entirety. No exception!
      • 7’H is the bottom of the black projector screen height and we will use it as a datum.
    • Typos of the green week poster have been fixed (Attach 5)
    • Haven’t assignment one-day event for Thursday 3/21/19
    • The format of Pecha Kucha (Attach 6)
      • 20 slides/7mins/8 people to present.
    • Invite the chair of DSC dept to attend the announcement
    • The three Faculties from the INT for the Pecha Kucha are presenting as a group
    • Ribbon idea need to be noticed through email (to Chris)
    • The option of using Clip Microphone for Pecha Kucha
    • LEAP —- Pratt Plastic Pledge online event for the green week
      • Info for application:
      • Music
        • Might have Music band (light one)
        • YouTube music list for background music
      • Budge for Library coordinator
      • Poster for pick up and put on
        • Time: will announce in meeting minutes (may at the end of this week or during the Spring Break)
        • Will start to put on posters after spring break
      • New update From Prof. Carl Zimring
        • “As a preview of Green Week, the Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies is happy to present CUNY Professor Ashley Dawson discussing the importance of a Green New Deal. Professor Dawson’s talk will take place on Thursday, March 21at noon in ARC E-02on the Brooklyn campus. The talk is open to the public and the Pratt community.”

SustainableSaturdaysAttach 1


SS SUN UpcomingAttach 2


IMG_1290Attach 3


IMG_1289Attach 4


Green Week_2019Attach 5


2019 FINALAttach 6

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