Sustainability Coalition Meeting Minutes 10/15/2019

Meeting Minutes

Blue Week 2019 Recap

  1. Print more Blue Week banners (have 3 total)
    • Include in next year’s budget
    • Re-use each year
  2. Water Expo
    • Hydroponic Workshop
      • Planned and run by 2-3 coordinators + some help from volunteers
        • No stipend this year due to lack of budget, trying to reserve stipend funds for next year
        • Volunteers didn’t seem to remember this event from last year – maybe systematize the planning process and event procedures
      • Outdoor/Indoor structure was very successful
  3. Material Modification Panel
    • Over 80 attendees, standing room only
    • Panelists from Reebok material sciences, Department of Sanitation, Quantum Consultants, and sustainable jewelry design
    • Equitable panel inclusion
      • Making this most accessible as possible
      • How do we bring people in to donate their time for free, OR plan earlier to see how panelists can be included in the budget
    • Hope and plan is to do a fashion-themed events at blue and green weeks moving forward
      • Generate lots of momentum. Prompted silk-screening event and another event to take place on 17th.
      • Gives students practical know-how:what questions to ask and how
      • Possibly add a fashion track to Blue Week: Water and fashion experts should be talking together
  4. Sustainable Pratt Chats: Water
    • Somewhat low turnout but GREAT discussions
    • How to generate more interests? Need more members to push ideas forward
      • Find different modes of engagement
        • Having it between class times?
        • Hosting at student union for passer bys
    • Send proposals for projects or ideas to Sustainable Pratt Chats to add to upcoming meeting presentations
    • Next about solid waste on Nov 13, 2019
      • Trying to figure out new place and ways to get more people: possible to have it in cafeteria for solid waste demonstrations
  5. Film Bleu Night: Albatross
    • 63 people attended (Albatross)
    • Great turnout and wonderful event
  6. Rising Seas Gotham on the Edge: A Mini Conference
    • Ayana Elizabeth Johnson – Marine Scientist and Policy Expert
      • Excellent presentation
      • Considering asking her to join faculty and continue working with Blue Week and upcoming CSDS events in the future
    • When is the best time to host a panel/mini-conference?
      • 12:00pm – 4:00pm seemed to accommodate many schedules
      • 5:30pm may also accommodate professional schedules
  7. Beach Cleanup
    • 43 attendees, many schools and clubs represented
    • 4,000 items of liter removed from beach
    • Native seeds planted/ Reported clean up data to NYS Beach Cleanup
    • Developing plan to prevent/reduce future pollution

Improving CSDS Event Promotion and Reach

  1. Great, pertinent, information – but goal to have more people to attend
  2. Communication difficulties across campus
    • Struggling to get promotion out within and beyond Pratt
    • Roadblocks in creating an on-campus event when not a student-sanctioned group
    • Ongoing conversations about streamlining the process
    • Less time to do proper outreach when there is a constant planning battle
  3. Possible solutions to planning & communication difficulties:
    • Set up meeting with Francis Bonnet
    • Schedule one 2-3 hour meeting per semester to plan and discuss semester events: What’s going on, when, and how to coordinate
    • Ask professors to dedicate the first 5 minutes of class to informing students about events
    • Have professors bring students to events if class is held during schedule event time

Climate Action Recap and Next Steps

  1. Open letter – need student, academics, and professionals signatures
    • 250 signatures so far, not too late to sign but what is the best mode of action at this point – potentially long term letter.
    • Better sense next month after summit in Brazil
  2. Faculty-wide announcement at Pratt about the strike, but not to students
    • NYC public schools allowed students to go, some Pratt students were uncomfortable with how the institute handled it.
      • Up to professor to allow it to be an accused absence
    • Opportunity for better announcement/destination of the emails further in advance of the events
      • Letter to the Provost Kirk, cc’ Kathy and President:
        • Extend the invitation to students and further in advance
        • Should come from student groups, more strongly worded
          • Ben Matusow to draft letter for group to sign off on.
          • Then student/faculty organizations follow in support, or list it in the letter as a partnering
          • Final draft by next sustainability meeting (Nov 15.2019)

Announcements and Events:

  1. Summer in Japan Course
    • 2019 Program Reception held on 10.22.2019 in the Student Union
    • Now a part of the Sustainability Minor on campus
  2. Patagonia Worn Wear Panel
  3. Made in NYC events this week:
  4. Conscious Cities Festival
  5. Upcoming Schedule:
    • Meetings on:
      • 11/15/2019 – Biomimicry Team Presentation
      • 12/10/2019
      • 01/24/2020
      • 02/11/2020 – 03/07/20 Instead???
      • 03/28/2020 – 04/04/2020: Green Week
      • 04/07/20


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