Meeting Minutes

1. Student Work Presentation: Tomato’s Home

  • Presentation of an interdisciplinary student project from the Biomimicry Course offered under the sustainability minor. 
    • The project, Tomato’s Home, is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient tomato storage system for local farmers in Nigeria intended to reduce tomato waste by using interior design strategies in the post-harvest stage. It received third place from the Biomimicry Institute and has moved forward in the design competition.

2. Announcements

  • Greenweek
    • Display cases are available in the basement downstairs. If you want to use them for green week please contact Alice. 
    • Reservations for space in the Student Union for Green Week are still available, have until the end of November to decide. 
      • The west and north wall in the student union has been reserved. Only the main area is available.  Send Tetsu an email if you want space in order to coordinate. 
  • Sustainability Task Force 
    • Feedback requested to help make sure that the campus is sustainable. 
  • Center for Continuing and Professional Studies: Joelle
    • Combined final presentation of student work to be held on December 14th from 11:00-3:00 in the Terrian Gallery  
    • Fair trade sustainability alliance (
      • New Standards for fair trade and sustainability: Invitation to submit ideas by January 15
        • Call to add additional materials and resources 
        • Encourage students to try and receive this stamp for projects
    • Request for a professor interested in teaching a course on design wellness 
  • Sustainability Ambassador Announcements 
    • Plan to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles (just for flat still water) on campus is in process
    • Town hall for students focusing on the master plan for the campus to be held next Tuesday at 12:30 in the student union. 
  • Urban Thinkers Campus at Columbia: Accelerating the SDGs in Cities
    • Many schools across New York were represented, however, student work from Pratt was not included. Request for student involvement in future events of this kind
  • American Scandinavian Association
    • hosted an event which highlighted sustainable products including a toothbrush made out of wood rather than plastic and bamboo straws
  • Second Sustainable Pratt Chat 
    • Discussed goals to reduce waste on campus
      • Improving recycling signage
      • Potential waste audit to reduce waste across campus including single use items in the cafeteria 
        • Accommodate space for real dishes and dishwashers 
        • Raise awareness of current systems in place at Pratt in order to respond to issues. 
  • First Wellness Wednesday held on November 13
    • Mostly meatless food offerings in the cafeteria 
      • Survey was conducted of diners and 76 respondents, overwhelmingly positive of food and the initiative 
      • Anticipated continuation on a monthly/weekly basis
  • John, coordinator of Earth Day (50th anniv.), is looking for idea submissions from Pratt Institute to participate in.
    • Potential for elimination of plastic bottled water in the school could be a submission to participate in a mission to achieve across many schools
    • Book review: Adam Rome, the Genius of Earth Day 

3. Crash Course and Greenweek

  • Dates:
    • Greenweek: March 30- April 4
    • Crash Course: April 4 (needs to be on a Saturday) 
    • Research open house: March 28 (set and not moving)
  • Local Chapters at Pratt focusing on environmental advocacy: 
    • Looking to include organizations in the 2020 GreenWeek: opportunity to bridge gaps and collaborate by applying our skills to creating platforms for action
      • Possible collaboration with organizations like Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement, Uprose in Sunset Park, WeAct in Harlem, many more.
      • Outreach to coordinate should begin now: involve in formatting of event (maybe learning circle, interactive education) 
      • All groups that choose to participate should be involved in the planning 
    • Theme Proposal for Greenweek 2020: “Looking Back: Looking Forward”
      • 10th annual Crash Course and 15th annual Greenweek and 50th Year of Earth Day: bridging the gap between past and future
      • Potential to highlight/recognize past projects and members 
      • New master plan looking forward: how are we working at Pratt to plan for the future
      • Connection between social justice and sustainability
        • Tidal Cities Documentary: encouraging discussion about change in New York City 
    • Overlapping Events: possibility of combining / streamlining some events
      • Can we get this done two weeks in advance so that we can share with a broader audience? 
    • Film Series at the Library
      • Make sure that this information is being shared with chairs and deans council so that students and faculty are aware of events
      • how can we incorporate things from the archives, something to do with anniversary of MLK?
    • Coordination Issues: 
      • Plan events when students are available: 
        • Email student activities and student union to see if the scheduled time allows students to participate. 
      • Student run events are easier to organize, so this is a better option 
        • If you are not an official student club it is more difficult to organize
      • Create form for everyone to input information (ex: catering, reservation for space) 
        • Use the form created for the student union: everyone must go through this form to submit events.
  • Rough Planning Schedule:
    • Propose general ideas for December’s meeting 
    • End of January: meeting
    • Over the break: coordinators will be assigned
    • End of February: Signing off and posters are ready to be distributed 
  • Opening Reception:
    • Was very long, maybe consider tightening it up
      • Students list of exhibit participants to be projected and have them come forward for photo ops.
    • Things to occur at the Reception: 
      • President to speak 
      • Thank the people involved 
      • Announce the schedule for the week
      • Take time to recognize past members and events: how it has evolved over the years. 
    • Existing timeline may be useful. New office of diversity could be introduced. Recreate and add to this file during the break.
      • Distribute this file with the notes so people can submit ideas. Start with draft then discuss how it will be displayed
        • Maybe a scroll which can be displayed 
        • Focus on initiatives instead of humans (CSDS will take lead on this)
        • Is there a central activity that can occur?
    • Scheduling of Opening Reception: 
      • Set to occur during the evening after 5 or 6 
        • This would allow for more people to attend
      • Proposed Date and Time: Monday at 5:00
        • Professors with classes during this time can bring students to event 

4. Next meeting to be held on Tuesday, December 10 from 12:30-2:00 at CSDS.

  • Google form will be sent out in advance of the meeting so that people can submit information even if they will not be able to attend the meeting

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